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» Aleksandr Rasputsch
Aleksandr Rasputsch
 Posted: Jan 21 2013, 05:58 PM
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NAME: Aleksandr Rasputsch
Alias(es): Alex
AGE: 17
Race: Russian-American
WEIGHT: 240 lbs
HEIGHT: 6'5"
DNA's: Gray Wolf/Dire Wolf

Alek is shy, soft-spoken and honest. He's more of a follower than a leader, bravely following whoever is in charge. He rarely asks questions, unless he finds an order morally questionable. He's a dreamer, oftentimes spending time staring up at the sky, pondering the wonders of the universe. He has a soft, heart-felt chuckle that always seems to brighten the mood of everyone else in the room. He's goofy, oftentimes doing things because he can, knowing the morale boost it can have during tense moments. He's loyal to a fault and hates conflict. He knows how to fight, just doesn't see any reason to it.

When he feels threatened or backed into a corner he will completely change, almost becoming stubborn in his fight, regardless of how badly he is losing. He's stubborn, oftentimes almost like a wall on some subjects. He's a romantic at heart; but, because of his shyness finds it hard to openly express his affections. He wears his heart on his sleeve, his face betraying his inner emotions. His smile is easy to come and slow to leave, his almond colored eyes seeming to laugh at whatever joke might have been said.

APPEARANCE (Optional):
Alex stands out in a crowd to say the least. He towers over most individuals with broad shoulders, tapering down to a narrow waist, where they stretch into long, trim legs. He makes sure to keep himself physically fit, usually following a strict workout routine. While not 'buff', he is trim and fit, preferring to have strength intermixed with speed. Women find his face the most attracting, with his long, messy blonde hair, and soft, caring almond brown gaze. He's got a few nicks and cuts on his arms and legs from previous fights. He is almost always wearing a hooded jacket, some mainstream brand t-shirt and khaki shorts with holes around the knees, a belt keeping them from falling.

Animal Form Appearance:
Tall, powerful and intimidating would be some of the words that come to mind. He's tall for his breed, his direwolf genes sneaking through a bit, while he stretches around 6.7 feet from his black nose to the tip of his dark-furred tail. He has one of the rarer, darker coats of the Gray wolf breed with grizzled gray-black coat, with a white 'beard' around his muzzle. There is a black fur lining to the inside of his ears.

HISTORY: (Optional)


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