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Posted by: Jacob Jan 20 2013, 11:59 PM
It's the year 2022.

Humanity has long since devoured much of the earth. Space flight has been found to be nigh impossible. Humanity, bound to earth like prisoners, looks to other methods of continuation and survival. A pioneering genius in the field of genetics' research, Dr. Charles von Laugh, was mocked for his outrageous proposals and far-right ideologies. Frustrated and enraged by the abuse from his peers, he sought to found and establish a corporation of like-minded individuals such as himself. The Future for Humanity Research Institute was established, funded primarily by the private sector and donations, it sought to pursue ideals that had long been considered sacrilegious by the majority. Had long been related to humanity playing god.

Having founded his Institute, he needed a testing grounds. An uncharted island was accidentally discovered by a shipping freighter on one of it's cross-Atlantic journeys. Seizing the opportunity, the FHRI purchased the island, a remarkable feat of nature. This island was one of a kind, it features every imaginable environment. For example; swamp, desert, tropical and rain forests, mountains, plains, etc. Charles, his testing facility established, began gathering DNA samples of all known Earth animals with his peers and through pioneering technology, had managed to reconstruct prehistoric DNA as well. Even more remarkable, was that they had managed to theorize the genetic sequence of several famous mythical creatures as well. His DNA acquired, he turned his eyes to the future.

The Destiny Project could begin.

Needing test subjects; but, afraid of the hurdles and questions his acquisition requests might arouse, he sought subjects that wouldn't be missed, orphans. The scientists began to 'harvest' these orphaned children from the streets around the world. The children were unaware of what the scientists had planned for them. Many of them were nearly to the point of giving up all hope for survival and with the promises the scientists described, they thought only of the chance for a reason to live again. These children knew how to feed themselves, through trials on the streets, while others still were new to the streets, nearly starving. Some of them had established bonds with the other children, forming makeshift family units that took care of each other. The children, fresh off the street and with hope in their chests, allowed themselves to be injected with the DNA, the one thing they'd had a real say in since their acquisition. Changing, the children were boarded on to one of many nondescript cargo ships containing equipment for a test facility on the Island.

The Island would be the beginning and the end of many bonds, relationships, and lives.

What will you choose for your character's destiny?

Where will you travel?

Who will you meet?

Who will you trust?

These are all decisions you can decide, so make your character. And step on to The Island.

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