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» New to Project Destiny?, This could be of some help.
 Posted: Jan 21 2013, 11:23 AM
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A Helpful Guide on How to Get Started!


Welcome to Project Destiny! We're a free-form world RP, that grants role players the opportunity to shape their characters and have an enjoyable time without being restricted by an annoying plot or quests. You're free to choose your character based on how you see fit, just make sure you follow this simple guide for the most enjoyable time while you're here at PD.

Feel free to post around the site as you please; however, keep in mind that role playing forums are off-limits until you create a profile thread for your character. You can start a character by posting in the CHARACTER REGISTRATION forum, using the APPLICATION TEMPLATE.

Getting Started:
1.) Read the Rules & Regulations!
2.) Register and create a character using the APPLICATION TEMPLATE provided.
3.) You don't have to wait for your profile to be approved to start role playing. Having your character's profile approved simply means that the mods/admins found nothing wrong with your profile and agree it's suitable for our role playing atmosphere.
4.) Have fun! Make your time enjoyable here, and make friends or enemies at your leisure. Try not to stir up arguments or fights so that other members may find this forum as enjoyable as you yourself have.

We encourage you to invite your friends and anyone else that may be interested in role playing here. Thank you very much for visiting our site and we await you to join us on our journeys. If you have any more questions, feel free to PM any staff member, post in the Help Desk, or contact one of the staff using a messenger!

Looking to join you in your adventures,
The PD Administration
PMEmail Poster
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